Jimmy Descant - Deluxe West
Severe Re-Constructivist of "Western Futurism" - Contact

Though rocketships have been my specialty for 25 years, I am not just the Rocketman, but a Severe ReConstructivist; now seeking the cool and inspiration of the West, as it’s mountains, people, and cultures past and present - and has inspired my skills. I now see in my found parts, the faces and trials of the Indian as well as the Cowboy, and have been working to turn my talents and art into visions of the mountains and deserts, their people, and my own love of the West, merging the past and future into something astounding to the viewer, and to the Universe. When I started professionally creating assemblage art in 1996, I saw my lifelong appreciation of the beautiful utilitarian parts from the Golden Age of American manufacturing transform into my visions of what they could be, once rearranged... never having heard the term 'ready made' from Duchamp, or seen Picasso's early assemblages. After 15 years in the music business as support road crew (roadie), my foray into sculpture began with a vintage canister vacuum cleaner at a New Orleans flea market, and I transformed it into what the original draftsman dreamed, a Buck Rogers rocketship! At that exact moment, I quit the road life and began my self taught artist life. I grew up being taught how to garage sale by my Mother, finding treasure on the cheap, and have always had a passion for flea markets, trash night, and taking in the unwanted detritus of American consumerism. I often find donations of 'junk' on my porch or yard! Now giving it all new appreciation and life in art... and now in statement. There is no welding in my work. I find parts that have never seen each other that mesh and form my style in a clean professional fit by way of cold connections. My rocketships contain nor depict any form of guns, bullets, or bombs; as they are for the peaceful exploration of time, space, ideas, and cultures. But in my Western art, these tools can be reflectors of American violence and the country's history of expansion, as well as inclusion and exclusion pertaining to Native Americans, and my Native inspired and Western portraits and commentary.


Resume 2021

*Professional full time self taught sculptor since 1996, no college or art school
*Previous experience: 15 years in the music business with New Orleans and national touring/recording musicians as tour manager, guitar tech, sound man, etc. Pinball machine refurbisher, auto mechanic, and salesman

Museums/Major venues:
* 2021 - Martha Cooper Library expansion artist, Tucson
Food Factory rocketship installations
New Orleans Jazz Fest
* 2020 -
* 2019 - Major commission for the Town Of Ridgway, CO.
* 2018 -
* 2016-17 - Burning Man, granted artist and projects
* 2015 - "Western Futurism", solo show, Sangre De Cristo Arts Center, Pueblo, CO.
* 2014 - "2nd Time Around - The Hubcap As Art", group show, Museum Of The Shenandoah Valley, Winchester, VA. Landfill Project
“A Sense Of Place", group show of permanent collection artists, Ogden Museum Of Southern Art, New Orleans, LA.
* 2012 - "The Shape Of Louisiana Commenting On The Shape Of Louisiana", The Ogden Museum Of Southern Art, New Orleans - Exhibition, and Instant Art Event with rock band onstage. I created a 4'x4' piece of assemblage art onsite as an event to donate the piece and the video documentation to the Museum's permanent collection. * 2010-2013 - American Visionary Arts Museum, Baltimore, Two sequential one year group shows, "Things That Make You Smile” and "All Things Round"
* 2010 - "JFK and Rocketships", Grand Rapids Art Museum, Grand Rapids, Mich., 2nd annual citywide ArtPrize event. Vintage vacuum cleaner Buck Rogers rocketships with my Father’s pictures of JFK in Grand Rapids in 1960.
* 2009 - Addition to the Mayo Clinic permanent art holdings and exhibition - One large vacuum cleaner rocketship sculpture commissioned and donated by a friend and client who died of ALS, Lou Gehrig's Disease
* 2008 - Installation of the 10' long “Monolith Recycled Rocketship”, Children’s Museum Phoenix, AZ.
* 2006 - "Zero Gravity" space show, Sangre De Cristo Art Museum, Pueblo, CO
* 2005 - Featured artist, "Louisiana Rocketships", Alexandria Museum of Art, Alexandria, LA.
* 2002 - Art Museum of S. Texas, Corpus Christi, Biennial Exhibition
* 2002, 2001, 1998 - National Ornamental Metal Museum, Memphis, group shows
* 1998 - Contemporary Arts Center, New Orleans, group show

Current and past large scale projects
* 2019 - Major commission for the Town Of Ridgwat, CO.
* 2008-2018 - Inclusion in public art on loan/art on the street programs - Colorado Springs, Lafayette, Longmont, Westminster, Grand Junction, Salida, Evergreen, Parker, Aurora, Highland Park - all Colorado. As well as Manhattan Beach and Yountville, CA.
* 2016 “People’s Choice” award, Art On The Streets - Colorado Springs
* 2014 - Juror for Art On The Streets, Colorado Springs, Downtown Partnership of Colorado Springs
* 2011 - Ongoing, 8 Deluxe Rocketships purchased by Ripley's Believe It Or Not Museums
* 2006-2011 - "The Rocket Bar" (named after my work) Aluminum diamond plate
rocketship outdoor sign, 4 vacuum rocketships, 15 thermos rocketships installed inside
* 2008 - Permanent installation of a 12' vertical rocketship for Gallery O, Washington, D.C.
* 2007 - "ROCKET", building wide installations, the futuristic apartment building at 1778 Gilpin, Denver, CO., commissioned by boutiqueapartments.com

Current gallery representation:
Yard Dog Gallery, Austin, TX, Randy Franklin 512-912-1613
Eye Candy Gallery, Nikki Manes, Salida, CO. 970-376-0141
Walkup Gallery, Steve Walkup, New Orleans, La. 504-377-5927
LEON Gallery, Eric Dallimore, Denver, CO., 225-266-9153
Smokebrush Gallery, Don Goede, Colorado Springs, CO. 719-302-4241

Specific art fests, gallery and museum shows, and events:
* 2018-19 Tucson Sculpture Show
* 2004-2008 Cherry Creek Arts Fest, Denver, Co.
*1998-2012 and 2019 New Orleans Jazz Fest, Contemporary Arts - Jury and onsite judge 2018-19

Expanded timeline -
*2019 New Orleans Jazz Fest 50th anniversary - Juror, exhibitor, demo
Yard Dog Gallery, Austin, TX, SXSW then winter solo show
Dougherty Arts Center, Austin, TX
Tucson, AZ Sculpture Show
Sotol Festival, Terlingua, TX
Multiple art on loan installations - CO. and CA.
*2018 Tucson Sculpture Show, Tucson, AZ
New Orleans Jazz Fest, onsite juror
Yard Dog Gallery, instant art builds during SXSW, then 2 month solo show
12’x20’ outdoor mermaid commission, Salida, CO.
Sedona Arts Fest
4th Ave. Arts Fest, Tucson, AZ
*2017 Arvada Center for the Arts, Arvada, CO. - “Art and Conflict” group show
Burning Man, inclusion and artist grant for a displayed Shrine
“All Colorado Show” Curtis Arts and Humanities Ctr., Greenwood, CO.
Axis Gallery group show, Sacramento, CA.
Installation of 12’ rocket ship, Yountville, CA. art on loan program
“Makers Faire”, Santa Clara, CA. assemblage demo and workshops
*2016 “People’s Choice” award, Art On The Streets, On loan program, Colorado Springs, Co.
“SCROUNGE” group show, Republic Plaza, Denver, Co.
“The West in The West”, Asian Palate Gallery, Buena Vista, Co.
“Conway Twitty and Bitty House City”, live art onstage with musician Cody Wayne, Alma, Co., concerning tiny home and economic diversity
“Can’t We All get Along?” solo show, Elevation Gallery, Salida, Co.
“ Burning Man, Invited artist for Guild workshops
“MAGNET”, Fritz Gallery, Salida, Co.
*2015 "Legends of Lowbrow", group show Greg Moon Gallery, Taos, NM
”Western Futurism", solo show, Sangre De Cristo Arts Center, Pueblo, CO.
”After Dark", group show, Greg Moon Gallery, Taos, NM
The Fritz Gallery, solo show, Salida, CO.
”15 In...", solo show, Jailhouse Gallery, Buena Vista, CO.
"Western Futurism", solo show Asian Palate Gallery, Buena Vista, CO.
*2014 "SPARK", installation group show, Republic Plaza, Denver, CO.
4 commissioned rocket trophies for the Governor’s Arts Awards, Colorado Creative Industries, Creative Summit, Salida, CO.
"The Hubcap As Art", group show, Museum Of The Shenandoah Valley
"Skate You? Skate Sioux", all day Instant Art piece and event at the Denver skate park, for Stronghold Society - Skate For Life
"Head Space", group show, Jailhouse Gallery, Buena Vista, CO.
"Western Futurism", solo show, Telluride Arts, Telluride, CO.
"ALT/WALK", 3 day/nt alternative installations, art, and performances; Salida, CO. "SCROUNGE", Debris art group show, Republic Plaza, Denver
Jury member, Art On The Streets - on loan program, Colorado Springs, CO.
"Deluxe Rocketships and Deluxe West", Jailhouse Gallery, Buena Vista, CO.
*2013 "JFK Remembered, 50th anniversary", photo exhibit, Salida Co. Library
"JFK As An Indian", Solo show, CultureClash Gallery, Salida, CO.
"JFK As An Indian", Solo show, LEON Gallery, Denver
"ReVamped", Group show, Ivywild School, Colorado Springs, CO.
"This Train", Live Art performance, SteamPlant Theater, Salida, CO.
"We 3 Kings... West" Group show, Annex Gallery, Salida, CO.
“H’I’m Alive”, Instant Live Art performance, New Orleans, LA. with rock band DiNOLA. Benefit for NO/AIDS Task Force
*2012 "A Rocketman Crashes And Rises In The West", The Dairy Center, Boulder, CO.
“A Decade Of Crutches and Coffins", Smokebrush Gallery, CO. Springs
"What Would Woody Do..." Duo show with Brinkley Messick in tribute to Woody Guthrie’s 100th birthday; Paquette Gallery, The SteamPlant, Salida
"Full On Rocketships", LEON Gallery, Denver, Co., solo show
"The Burden Of Indian Affairs”, Instant Live Art performance, Salida, CO.
"Crutches As A Sign Of The Times Of Occupation", LEON Gallery, Denver, solo show
*2011 Perlow-Stevens Gallery, Columbia, MO., group show
”10 After 11”, 9/11 anniversary show of crutches sculptures, Annex Gallery, Salida, CO. * 2010 Denver Biennial, MCA alternative gallery exhibition
Perlow-Stevens Gallery, Columbia, MO., group show
* 2009 Tony Fitzpatrick Gallery, Chicago, group show
* 2008 "United States of Amockracy", solo show, Big Top Gallery, New Orleans
* 2007 "Katrina to Colorado - Saints Preserve Us", solo show, Art & Soul Gallery, Boulder, Colorado
* 2006 Mayor's Arts Awards trophies commissioned by the N.O. Arts Council
* 2005 Mendenhall-Sobieski Gallery, Pasadena, CA., group show
* 2004 Recycled Art Show, Santa Fe, NM
* 2003 "The Extraordinary From the Ordinary", City East Gallery, Atlanta
International Assemblage Exhibition, Berlin, Germany
"La. Purchase - Dis-Mantled", Barrister's Gallery, New Orleans
Funeria Urn art show, San Francisco
* 2002 “Cyclops and Vessels”, Sylvia Schmidt Gallery, N.O., La., solo show "Cypressionist Metal Paintings", Barrister's Gallery, New Orleans, solo show
"Funeria", Urn art show, San Francisco
* 2001 Plaza Art Fair, Kansas City, Mo.
Winterpark Arts Fest, Orlando; 1st Place in Sculpture
* 2000 "Dog Days of Summer" show, LeMieux Gallery; N.O., La. "Gadgets & Gizmos" show, Jonathan Ferrara Gallery; N.O., La.
"Material Resurrection" show; Arts Alliance of Haverstraw, NY
* 1999 La. Division of the Arts Grant
* 1998 New Orleans Jazz Fest, Contemporary Arts "Most Unique Work" award 1997 "Art for Art's Sake" at U.F.O. retail/gallery, New Orleans, La.