Salida/New Orleans Resources and Cool folks
Contribute | Craft Emergency Relief Fund
ArtDocs | Artists Receiving Treatment Doctors Offering Crucial Services
St. Jude's Children's Hospital
PBS, Ch. 12 916 Navarre, NO, LA 70124 504-342-4583
Levees.Org :: Hold The Corps Accountable!
Nancy Anderson
Sweetbird Studios Art and Jewelry, Boulder
Joe Kight, Artist, New Orleans
Brinkley Messick, Salida artist
Curtis Killorn, Salida artist
The Organic Fool, Salida, CO a restaurant and community, activist location in the Central City neighborhood The extreme of New Orleans, and beyond!
UCM Museum, Abita Springs, LA. La. roadside attraction
Rocket Motel, Custer, S.D.
St. Claude Arts District, New Orleans
Dr. Bob Cool outsider/folk artist around these parts (N.O.) The Emperor of the Universe, Ernie K-Doe, RIP
The Fleshtones Coolest NYC band
Rocket Bar, Wash, DC
Voice of the Wetlands, Southern La.
4/2011 - My wallet from a great N.O. artist!!! Byron Guthrie