Here are some examples of afterlife experiences for you or a loved one. Custom creations and commissions are welcomed.
When called upon for my services, custom urns for New Orleans musicians and characters have been created.
These urns are priced on a sliding scale from gratis to $5000

Darrell C. Belcher, Jan. 19, 2022
Commissioned special memorial with personal doctor tools and equipment, and removeable ortho-mandala so that this piece can be in different homes, to be brought together again.

Jane Whitmer May 30, 2019
“The Traveling ‘Make Happy Feet’ Mobile Receptacle of Inclusion (of many) and Expulsion (of few), urn of Fire Power Pyre Non-Sorrow (meant to see this worldly place whilst SHE floats the Universe)”

If the shoehorn makes it fit, then cast off those shoes for the diamonded soil meant for the bare touch of satined and saged soul, meant for your ancestors, and future predecessors! … to include and imbibe inside - dust, and jewels, and pieces/parts and coffee grinds and mix with ballfields’ third baselines and dance floor splinters, and offer up upended rocketship bits of hen’s teeth, full of tears and laughs and song, and jams! Love to the brave, sympathy to the knave, Quasimodo was no slave… except to joy and beauty. This travel urn is for Ron, and for everyone who wants to take Jane on an adventure thru their life and times… as a hard copy token, of what cannot be replicated in Jane’s Universal ether. Have fun, DANCE! our and her friends!
Mary Schelfhaudt

Custom honorarium cabinet shrine, built onsite for the annual crawfish boil, April 20, 2018, per request by other staff, at the Fairgrounds/Jazz Fest site, New Orleans. Beloved long time production personnel, glitter lover, friend to many, gone too soon. Survived by husband Dave.

Erin Leah Descant, Feb. 29, 2016

My niece, sweetheart

Ray Getman, my Father-In-Law, 2006

Jonah Bascle, Gone on to the other side
Dec 2, 2014, New Orleans

"Wheels Off, Rocket On", Vintage flashlight urn. "Gave My Them A New Walk" Rocket assemblage donated to the Fords in 2010; which one was disassembled, filled, and carried the last mile in the old world hearse. And as a final act, blocking the St. Charles street car line in protest of NO wheelchair access still... but friends and family are still working on it.
Robert Guthrie

Gone on to the other side
Feb 27, 2014, New Orleans
Ribbed thermos on recording records, 40's radiator cap wings, glasses, his brushes, lamp spire with clamp for pics.

Commissioned by Robert, Built 2012, 4 custom necklace vintage lipsticks with vintage Hopi button covers, and interior small silver tubes for ashes.
Matthew, Deceased, 2011, 1930's thermos, guitar neck, personal glasses
Also, racing name known as 'Dodge Challenger', and Hilary -
Special commission, 2014
Keith, Still Living, Cat Urn, 2010

Seltzer bottle sits on stand,
held in place by bike gear

Ross, Oregon, Still living, 2003
"SERU" - Canadian Electrolux with vintage steering wheel, hood ornament, interior spce thermos
Brian O'Neil - Bone-orama, Deceased Christmas time, New Orleans, 2005
Vintage thermos, trombone bell and mouthpieces. Side slide tower for attaching personal messages and ornaments
Barry Cowsill, Deceased, Katrina 2005

Tribute Video

Vintage thermos on hot plate stand, personal glasses and artifacts

Billy Cowsill, Deceased, 2006

Vintage thermos on metal base, turquoise buckle, personal artifacts, and his brother Barry's hand written lyrics about Billy

Julian, New Orleans, Still living

Vintage thermos onmetal stand, ornate finial, bathroom curtian rod holders wings, spinning front swirl with ball bearings

Lance, New Orleans storefront display

Lance Slom,
New Orleans, Deceased, 2002

Vintage '60's thermos on metal base, cremation code tag. This thermos went to many baseball games in disguise so his friends could spread the ashes in outfields.


Ame' Merci, for Steve, still living
(pen flashlight for teaspoon of ashes)


 Model VR-18 "The Loved One"
Fully functional Funerial Urn, for Steve's father, New Orleans

Built 7/2001 *detail shots
51" tall, 27" wide, 42" long
Aspects: '50's Kenmore, champagne colored, mounted by 3/4" pipe onto old office chair base. Short chromed coat hook wings, gas heater torches, wood sport steering wheel, glass doorknob feet.
Front detaches showing ornate pieces insid front, and red fur lined body holding 1920's chrome ribbed Thermos for funerial ashes