Boulder. 11/07

Mother-In-Law Lounge, N.O., with sweet Antoinette and Keith Streng of the Fleshtones

Boots and tile, Magazine St.

Espanola, NM


Red Rocket Cycle, Jazz Fest, N.O.

"There Was A Man"

My buddy, movie and TV star MC Gainey at Jazz Fest

Poseiden Rocket


Denver Rocket Laundry!!!!!!!

Denver GIANT

Friend and colleague Mark Winter, from Wisc., Kentuck Arts Fest, AL 10/08

Born in Mich, but God was only teasing

Collector and tin foiled pickle smuggler Harry Shearer

1st Rocket Bike

Jim Bishop, Bishops's Castle, Rye, CO.

Wired Mag., 2008, Matt Groening and the 1st BIG rocket I sold in the background at Jazz Fest, 1998

Rocket Garden, Denver

Cowboy and Punk, Santa Fe, 2007

Hello, PEACE, Good-bye

Monolith (furnace and washing machine)

Planet scene, Denver

VTR Universal

New hat outside cool shop on Magazine St.

Lady Liberty, 30th Century

Primeval Swamp fight, Painted Desert

Yes N.O. (New Orleans), Always

Me and Vato, Denver

Custer, SD


Lower 9th Ward... says it all

mates, N.O.

Jennings, La. ... still alive???