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“Amalgamated Debris Assemblage” by Jimmy Descant
Involving the public in ‘Amalgamated Debris Assemblage’ as art, not only in vision but in tactile experience, is irresistible and anticipated! The ‘artist participants’ of the public are welcome to the space to create their own vision in assemblage of ‘found objects” – pieces/parts from the Golden Age of American manufacturing, and the castoff debris of society! Portraits, beauty, free speech, etc. coupled with guidance in assembling into vision when needed by the Guild artists! It’s okay to handle, tool, and work and arrange… and see, and do! PLACEMENT in the moment, because YOU say so, and the magnetism used by the assemblage artist, interacts with the whole of this epicenter of public creativity.
Severe INTENT! - Supplying  a plethora of debris to facilitate found object assemblage by artist participants, creating brain to hand interaction, and metaphors…. physical creation in a modern century of ether, helping to build both! Interactive, attractive, and WILD!
In this scene of an outdoor 20'x20 space for SXSW 2019, there would be 4 work tables, and 2 debris tables, with completed found object artwork as examples, and just a cool welcoming and artistic setting. Artist participants would sign a waiver to receive a hammer and a blank of wood on which to create. The tables would be strewn with parts and debris to craft their visions. Artists are initially given tool instruction, simple techniques, understanding of the whole project, and we make a connection of this artist and the scene, intent, and possibilities!

*** Electricity is absolutely NEEDED! 30 amps should be fine for power tools and lighting.
Burning Man, Guild workshop 2016 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cKE6FxcYLLk
Makers Faire, San Mateo, CA. 2017 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DUTT329OoUY


Heavy duty tables, trays, easels, lighting, etc. $500
Approximate cost of tools, wire, glue, and hardware $500
Approximate cost of all found objects supplied, $1000
and needed to supply after the event
Transportation to and from Colorado $500
Motels for trip and stay in Austin $1250
Meals/travel expenses $500
Incidentals/misc./unknown/cleanup/help $750
Total request: $5000

LINK to Guild Workshops at BURNING MAN 2016 !
Videos! Me, circular scene! - Crowd build scene! - Crowd dust build 1 - Crowd dust build 2 - Justin, table cut art!
Makers Faire, San Mateo, CA. 2017 In action Artists AND... Severe intention

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