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SALIDA, CO., 2013

Semi-illegal graffiti art that changed history in my small town. The rush to militarize all schools in the U.S. by the American extremist group the NRA, in response to the Sandy Hook school massacre in Newtown, CT, was quelled by me here in Salida, CO in a thought expanding piece of cardboard and spray paint.


"Brains Over Guns" 37"x30" cardboard, on a dilapidated building

"Brains Over Guns" framed

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"Butter Over Guns", for my healthy Colorado podners

"Brains Over Cops Murdering Citizens AND Citizens Murdering Cops"

After being investigated, interviewed by detectives - and their subsuquent schooling about art and statement -, after the poster was sent to FBI headquarters in Quantico, VA., the CBI in Denver, and the Gang Intelligence Division in Denver, the evidence returned 4/19/13, and history made.

Looking across the street from the new high school that I helped fund thru my taxes even though I have no kids. And past this poster, the gun store selling out of semi-automatic weapons and ammo after Newtown. Painted guns were so much more scary than real ones.

Chaffee County Colorado Vs. James Descant, 2nd degree tampering, a misdemeanor; 3rd degree trespass, a petty offense. After refusing a request to hand the case over to Full Circle Restorative Justice, and after trying to deny me the right to a public defender - an out of the blue deal from the DA. The misdemeanor charge was dropped and I was given a $50 fine for trespass and $69 court costs, total $119 after 2 months. I WAS NEVER ARRESTED! despite what some may think. AND I got my art back!
All resolved in the eyes of the court and the community. Thanks for all the support, and the art and story are available for display at like minded functions for the conversation needed about guns in schools and in communities throughout America!

Resolved in the paper, back page.
The verbatim - after all the facts were in - SCARY OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE - by the Sheriff, and my intellectual response letter HERE on a seperate page

FEB. 2014

I was contacted by the high school counselor and asked if I would speak at assembly to the students about art, statement, guns, and the future. I asked, "Do you know who I am?" and he said, "Of course, that's why I asked." During a sit down with him and the Principal, I told them that I would hold back nothing in being frank with the students, and so after a year I was redeemed in my art and intentions, and the fact that there are no guns in our schools.

The High School newspaper covered the story, here.

The school's biggest turnout for this kind of special optional event.


Impassioned speech

After burning the original stencils, I recut them and added a request from a friend and colleague, and brought this piece to quiz the students. They got it right away after their minds were trained to see. "Butter Over Guns"
To boost the possible signups of students, I put this peaceful rocketship in the school lobby for 3 days prior. Kids who eat right there on that spot gathered each lunch around the base to talk and be in it's presence.
The best response... staying after to talk to the artist, loved it.