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"Reverse Prometheus"

Installed for Art On Loan, at Washington and Mulberry, Yountville (Napa Valley), California

$25,000 12'x5'x3' about 1500 lb

"The Strength Of The Sky"
2 steam radiators base, found object construction rocketship, with 12" tall interior Indian Chief mascot.

$15,000 10'x3'x3' 500 lb.

"Thunderbird Fury" 2018

53"x26"x4" 30 lb. $2000

"My Daily, and Lifelong, Hiawatha"
Burning Man grant for 2017, Plaza Shrines at 7:30 & G. Steam irons, hood ornaments, rulers, assorted metal, wood framed. Depicting my travels in life, and art.
$7500 64"x4'x4' about 400 lb.

"Chief Eye-Heart-Gut,
Archer Of The West"

$15,000 10'x6'x3' about 350 lb.

"Chief Thunderbird" All found and free wood, starting with pallets, all screwed and nailed together.

$15,000 10'x10'x3' about 500 lb.

"The Deluxe Spray-It Fire Rocketship"
Working WILD Sprinkler!

YouTube in action! #2 #3


"Chief Snake Eyes, The King,
With A Dirty Mind"
Once again, raising icons from the dead to level of Indian chief, in power, wisdom, and strength of inspiration.
36"x22"x3" $1500

"Go Ahead, Ask Me More"

Decoupage arrowhead, vintage catcher's mask, bike and steam iron parts.
26"x22"x6" $500

"Go Ahead, Pull On In"

Oval decoupage, catcher's mask, cue balls, found object assemblage 27"x18"x5" $500

"Arrow - Desert Direction"
Built as an instant art event in Davis, Ca., from tin can debris from the Terlingua Ghost Town, all sided application and viewing.

30"x24"x3" $750

"Chief Johnny B. Goode"
Again, raising icons from the dead to level of Indian chief, in power, wisdom, and strength of inspiration.

18"x36"x3" $2000

"The Chinese Train, Then and Now,
With Indians Implied"
Built as an instant art event at the deco Varsity Theater in Davis, Ca. (a railroad stop and town), commenting on who built the railroads in the first place, mixed with the rising demographics of Chinese students at UC Davis.

18"x24"x3" $1000

"Olive Y / V Almond"
Built as an instant art event at Pence Galley, Davis, Ca., with fireplace pokers tied with an olive branch and an almond branch, signifying the Native symbol of friendship and search for common ground in water, land, and food. 'Farm to Fork' slogan, with Indians headed out of town, no one asking them about sustainable practices.

24"x18"x2" $1000


30"x22"x3" $500

"Arrow - Ride, and Right,
A Direction"
On decoupage, tiny Indian Chief, fold out rulers, etc. 50 metaphors...

"The 4 Winds Of Chief Rain
In The Face"
38"x32"x7" $2000

Chief Rain side shots to show build up and depth of frame samples, and milagros (all sides)

"Chief Blaze, Vulcan"
This row was built in the desert Ghost town of Terlingua, TX; instant builds in front of people in the hot sun with raw materials I brought on the road, and found there in the inspirational desert.

"Hopi Vacation"

3'x3'x4" $1500

"A Drop Of Soul, Indian Style"
Hanging B/W Kenmore vac showing white man's myopic world vision; with Indian arrow of color, vaitality of life, and indigeny!

3'x5'x2' $2500

"Can't Fight The Power!" in, not succumbing to the futility of fighting city hall, but that you cannot fight the power of the Mother and the First Peoples in the long run! Indian wildman/medicine man on Ouija board

24"x36"x5" $1000

Clipped Americans series...
"Our Apache (Dancer) Nation"

"Fix Your Chevrolet Chief"

"Clipped American"

"Native Opportunities"

"Speaking Up On The Trailer Rez"

"Heritage - South and West"

"Cora Cora To The Left Of Me, Cora Cora To The Right Of Me"

18"x23"x2" $500

"Kut Of The Kewa"

School desk top with Santa Domingo type thunderbirds

2'x1'x4" $500

"This Train" >>>>>>>>>
Built onstage with 2 art podners and company in Salida, CO, June 29, 2013. 4'hx13'wx4"deep, all chained together in one huge performance sculpture. $5000

Engine by Jimmy Descant

Passenger car by Mark 'Eyeball' Kneeskern, RIP

Caboose by Brinkley Messick

"The Steam Plant"
Kinetic in the breeze, adjustable by the public, strips of aluminum diamond plate, 1/8" thick, some are 12' long! The planter is 3 galvanized hanging street lamps.

8'x8'x8' $5000

"Chief 6-String"
Canvas with steam iron brandings and branded guitar - 5'x3'x10"

5'x3'x10" $750

"Conway Twitty and Bitty House City"
Live art assemblage onstage with Alma's Cody Wayne and Mandolin Mike, in Salida, CO., March 19, 2016
46"x24"x3" $75

"Platinum Blond Lover"

3'x18"x12" $1500

"Cross Draw 2 Nails, The Brave"

"Greetings From New Orleans - Building The Future From The Past, JFK in Grand Rapids, 1960" Actual Katrina survivors in a suitcase in the attic!
JFK pictures link

"Nuevo Ich Bin Ein, 2009"
Snapshots of JFK on the campaign trail in Grand Rapids, Mich, 1960... actual Katrina survivors in the attic!
JFK pictures link

"Jah, Hepmysef, Hepmemuch" (Sioux)

4'x4'x10" SOLD

"Thug Evolves Into Indian Chief, With Redwing Blackbirds"

27"x18"x2" $500

"Thug Evolves Into Indian Wildman,
In The Woods"

29"x18"x3" $300

"De Colores, Severely Strong In A New Foggy Dawn"

26"x24"x6" $500


36"x18"x6" $500