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“Chief Thozi -
Protection Totem"
$5000 8'x18"x5" 80 lb.
Towering totem of found objects on vintage patinaed panel, with decoupage of an impovershed family at the bottom, in a hogan. The rake guards, doesn't imprison, and the hatchets point out, protecting the 21st century.

"Beware Of Dog Soldiers"
24"x26"x5" $1500
'FLICKA' hobby horse on seagull decoupage board. with horse as the badass Cheyenne warriors, with WW 2 theater knife, vintage catcher's mask, many screwdrivers.

"Melite/Ceto Sereia"
Commission - Cyclops Mermaid installation, Salida, CO. 12'x18'x1'
SOLD $15,000

“Choke/Give - In the
Time of Covid/Floyd"

$5000 32"x42"x6" 40 lb.

I wanted to create/respond/sculpturally comment on the mayhem/upheaval/divisiveness - the generosity/bravery/altruism/future sight of 20-20 in a way that illustrates the yin-yang paradigm of the good/evil acts and potentials in all us animals with tools. 190 total pieces, a month building, but 1 whole and a lifetime of talent and manufacturing done in this great and horrible country.

“Pull Back - To Fly"
$5000 8'x2'x4"
Aluminum diamond plate panels, front and back, with salvaged aluminum picture frame sample corners. 424 screws attaching!

Commission yours today!

“The Ridgway Ride -
With Space To Create"
OCT. 2019

A commissioned 8'x12' found object mural depicting the past, present, and future of this small Colorado town on the Western Slope. From a rudimentary drawing to full fruition, 2 months in the making in my Tucson carport - with rocketship for the future, train for the past, ranching, Ute Indian history and values, abstract aspens, and steam iron and car suspension arms for mountain vistas and metaphors. Free standing, with 2000 lb. of rocks in the back tray, next to Kate's Place, and where the future arts building is to be built.

"Chief 4's Of 8's"
The Great Cheyenne

7'x32"x6" about 300 lb. $7500

"Shock Of The New West" 2020,
Tubac Center for the Arts

Plus packing/crating/shipping/ins.

My vision started with a search for a door, and I wanted to use big parts that I brought from Colorado to Tucson. The door came thru the Universe, the full size warrior came thru inspiration. There are plenty instances of 4's and 8's throughout. It has a real heavy duty hanging wire on back, and has side legs so it can be freestanding. Severe weight in size and metaphor!

"Reverse Prometheus"

12'x6'x3' about 1500 lb, $25,000


My very first large scale rocketship! Built in pieces from the ground up, with the use of a crane! I give back to the Gods! Check the statement link!

"Chief Eye-Heart-Gut,
Archer Of The West"
$20,000 10'x6'x3' about 350 lb.
This abstract Indain archer shows the 'heartline' of Natives and species, with a strength of feeling and intent.

"The Strength Of The Sky"
10'x3'x3' 500 lb. $20,000

2 steam radiators base, found object construction rocketship, with 12" tall interior Indian Chief mascot, as Native strength, potential, and ascension.

"Chief Thunderbird"
$7500 10'x10'x3' about 750 lb.
***NOW living at THC in Salida, CO., but for sale! Now REALLY rough and weathered!
All found and free wood, starting with pallets, all screwed and nailed together. This monster T-Bird stands watch with roaring mouth and bowling ball/cue ball eyes; and steam iron metaphors of pressures and heat for Native Americans in a new world.

"Native America American"
41"x30"x6" 50 lb. SOLD

'Award Of Merit'
Tucson International Airport exhibition
"We Live Here Now" 2019

Blue vintage decoupage board severely layered with found object parts from the Golden Age of American manufacturing. Depicting the Cyclops Chief, and imagery of the Red Man in the White New World; patriotic, sincere, biting wit, severe metaphors throughout... telling tales of what it is to be and to live and breathe American. This Brother is STRONG!

"Refuses Them"
38"x25"x5" $1500

Sitting Bull's step-son, the whites called Louis Sitting Bull, but his real name was 'Refuses Them'. Decoupage portrait and built up heavily!

“Thozi WildMan"


(thozi is Navajo for green)

“Chief Blades Inside"

$500 26"x21"x2" 15 lb.

200 burnt drill bits from years in my shop, under resin, with abstract profile. Vintage box cutter says "Made in USA - Blades Inside"

"This Train"
LINK to page, for full effect >>>>>

The metaphor -
to open the show, America’s woman (purity, nature, truth) is killed by the machine of Man(kind), even though there is good in the world and possibilities of positivity. Man (all of us) have to work to rebuild the railroad train (progress) to be released from Purgatory. The aerialistin the show is not the Ghost but the symbol of keeping on track the work that is required, and reminder to not falter halfway thru. The rising Ghost at the end and the release of the ropes signal this redemption, and the swinging lamp is the signal for ‘all clear, go ahead’. She can ascend, as well as Man, due to the completion of the task and the test.

Written, produced, directed, and Engine by Jimmy Descant
Built onstage with my 2 favorite art podners and company in Salida, CO, June 29, 2013. 4'hx13'wx4"deep, all chained together in one huge performance sculpture.

As a set - $7500

Passenger car by Mark 'Eyeball' Kneeskern, RIP Aug. 31, 2014... killed by a train.Writer of "The Last American Hitch Hiker"

Caboose by Brinkley Messick
Best artist in Salida, CO.


“La Familia Humanidad”
48”x30”x4” $2500
Built live at Sculpture Tucson Art Fest, April 2019

“MEGA Inmigracion Ignorante” 48”x18”x6” $2500
Built live at Solar Culture Gallery,
Tucson, June 2019

“MAL-I.C.E. - From The Cradle To The Cage” 36”x30”x6”
Built live at B/Lending Forms Fringe Fest event, Steinfeld Warehouse Gallery, Tucson, July 2019

“The Tracks Of Our Trails Of Our Reverse Trails Of Tears” 36”x24”x4”
Built live at Raices Taller Gallery, Tucson, Sept. 2019

“Baby Talk” 26”x22”x2” $500
Built live at Bookmans Midtown in 10 minutes!!! Video

*3 pieces built in one week in Jan. with Creative Improvisor Composer Brandon Bergman, FringeFest Tucson

“Atasco Conexión” 40”x19”x5” $500
Built live at Cafe Passe in 2 minutes!!! Video

*3 pieces built in one week in Jan. with Creative Improvisor Composer Brandon Bergman, FringeFest Tucson

“One Nation Blunders God -
Divisible To Liberty… It’s Not Just-Us After All” 41”x41”x5” $3500
Built live at Steinfeld Warehouse
Video Video2
*3 pieces built in one week in Jan. with Creative Improvisor Composer Brandon Bergman, FringeFest Tucson

“Hermosa Buena Suerte"
46"x40"x5" $3500
Built live at the Sculpture Resource Center, Feb. 8, 2020 in 70 mins.Video 1 Beginning
Video 2 - FULL show
Video 3 - Ending

"Arrow - Desert Direction"
30"x24"x3" $500
A 3D all sided sculpture meant to hand, to lean, to handle! Built as an instant art event in Davis, Ca., from tin can debris from the Terlingua Ghost Town, all sided application and viewing. The whole town was a camp for mercury mining in the late 1800's, and debris is still everywhere. Now being built up for tourism as a home base to the Big Bend National Park, it's 'direction' has changed once again.

“Quirt Evans"
$500 33"x12"x4"
Named after John Wayne in
"Angel and the Badman"

$500 30"x 34"x 3"
The flood of violence and violent weapons, but with a everlasting hope of turning it around. Louisiana sideways, and the O in 'tons' in the shape of Lake Ponchartrain. Bullets, to pencils and keys, to the point!

"Platinum Blond Western Lover"
4'x2'x1' 50 lb $5000

"Evelyn" bowling ball as an abstract nude female Native warrior/home maker with accoutrements, saw handles, and shed snakeskins. Featuring the power of the feminine Natives and immigrants as well.

24"x19"x3" $350
Elk decoupage background, Lil Trees air fresheners, cookie cutters, etc. Wild Man/Big Daddy Roth influenced profile!

30"x22"x3" $350

The 2nd instant art piece I did while camping in the Terlingua Ghost Town with friends early 2018. Mahjong tiles that say the name, and vintage rough wood desktop.

"Hopi Vacation"
3'x3'x4" $750

Built with the 2 levels of a 50's side table, and using the inside switches from steam irons that already looked like Kachinas. The face is the side of a vintage toaster. Many little Peoples, and meataphors, this art is heavy in weight and meaning. Just below the face is part of a steam iron box with station wagon and surfboard, signifying the CA. family going to Arizona for Indian vacation and experience.

"De Colores, Severely Strong
In A New Foggy Dawn"
26"x24"x6" $350

A feminine abstract take on the Mexican flag and national anthem. Vacuum cleaner motor cover eagle head, rake, shoe braces, and real snake. Old store sign, says 'DE' in red on back. Keep the immigrants, deport the politicians!

"Chief Salida"

Heavy wood with grate, sunglasses, railroad wood spikes. 18"x18" $200

"Mask, En Masque, Unmask"

Vintage GI Joe cards, half with masks made from a worn Covid mask (washed) showing the antagonistic politics of 2020. 12"x12" $250


Vintage GI Joe cards. Forced to comply? Persistent in freedoms even if it means hurting others?
10"x14" $250

"Truth/Ascension OVER Brutality/Oppression"
Severe stenciling (rare for me) about George Floyd/Colin Kaepernock/Derek Chauvin in the 2020 era of Black Lives Matter
48"x33" $1000 plus shipping

"Heroes,... and Liars"

4'x2.5' $500 + shipping

"Best or Worst?
Domino Theory, In Perpituity"

20"x22"x2" $500


3'x2'x8" $500 + shipping

"Is War Profiteering Treason?"

5'x2'x3" $500 + shipping

"Holey Board Series"
The background on these pieces are the boards I used for about a year each on my drillpress under other pieces of art I was creating. Severe history and feeling in each one, with holes, cuts, burns front and back.

"Indian Red" 12"x12" Vintage tooled change purse, lead cowboy, severed head (just above the body), fingernail tools and hors d’uerve forks. Old salt shaker Indian head, makes this piece 2 1/2" deep $200

"Hopi-ing Message"
10"x5 1/4”x1” pine knot in the board sun surrounded by steam iron bracket pieces as metaphor, lil Hopi spirit

"Indian Bird Man Battles"
10"x7"x1 1/2" Old lead soldier with passenger pigeons, fanged monster, and comets $150

"Cut Of A Cutting Board"
11"x5 1/2"x2", old bottle stopper on cutting board $150

'Clipped Americans' series
Pieces on vintage clipboards, with vintage book covers, and tiny to medium assemblage - screws, glue, and wire. You hang them on a nail by the 'clip', and some due to differing weight lean in a cool way. If you want them to hang straight, use a piece of duct tape on the back. All have a severe meaning of life in the West - Red & White

"Dead Or Alive Brand"
13"x9"x2" $250

"First Language, Infinity"
$250 13"x9"x2"

'People's Choice' award, Untitled Gallery group show, Tucson 2019

Indian making smoke signals book cover, that says 'First language'. Corn cob holders, horseshoes, and turkey thermometers from my last 3 Thanksgivings as headdress. Face is from the inside of a typewriter.

"The Calvary Came... and went"
$250 16"x9"x2"

Long clipboard - REVERSIBLE!
Hopalong Cassidy on faux leather Life western book cover, corn cob holders headdress, steam iron switches Hopi Kachinas. can be hung either way.

"Our Apache (Dancer) Nation"
13"x9"x2" $150

"Whitey's Gun"
14"x10"x2" $250
On Unicorn decoupage, complete with Catholic pocket manual cover; typewriter strikers, Clue guns, reverse Jesus block print

Indian Hotrod!
"Cora Cora To The Left Of Me, Cora Cora To The Right Of Me" 18"x23"x2" $350
There's a small vacation/RV park half way between my old town of Salida, CO. and Denver called Cora Cora, and this piece is a commentary on the million times I drove back and forth to the 'front range' for art shows, pitches, fun days, public art installations... and said the names every time, twice.

"Kut Of The Kewa"
2'x1'x4" $500

School desk top with Santa Domingo pueblo (Kewa tribe) outside Santa Fe type Thunderbirds. Open skies, Indian chieftain, has "KUT" carved in the wood.

"T-BIRD '19"
23"x15"x4" $250

Abstract Western Thunderbird assemblage. Sunset decoupage background, folding rulers, train tracks, and deer antlers. Allowing some space on this one, for your space!!!

"JFK As An Indian" large #1
32"x42"x3" $5000
2'x3' matted prints of my Father's 1960 photos of Senator Kennedy.
Shown at the Grand Rapids Art Museum, 2010, 50th anniversary of when my Dad took the pictures on the street. I raise JFK from the dead to the level of Indian Chief, showing what his tribe did to many indigenous peoples, they also did to him.

See all in this series at
JFK pictures link