Commissions welcomed
"Deluxe Rocketships and JFK in Grand Rapids", ArtPrize, 2010 - Jimmy Descant
Grand Rapids Art Museum, Sept. 22 - Oct. 10
JFK pictures link
- Never before seen -
1st series of 8, printed and framed
2' x 3' displayed at the
Museum for duration of ArtPrize,
now contact the artist

Nuevo Ich Bin Ein, 2009 -
JFK in Grand Rapids,
Campaign trail, 1960,
50th anniversary

Golden, In Chrome and Red




The Baker Happier Hunting
Grounds Deluxe Rocketship


Deluxe Custom
Cowboy/Indian Rocket Bike

Building The Future
From The Past, JFK


A Drop Of Soul

Pearl of the Lunar Lake


Commissions welcomed